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Quieres ser dueño de tu poder

en la pista de baile,

en tu rutina de ejercicios,  

o en el tapete?

Disfrute de una instrucción de primera clase impartida por un experto en danza, fitness y yoga.  

Soulher Power ofrece instrucción individualizada o en clase en el estudio, en la comodidad de su hogar o en el lugar que desee.

  • Una experiencia única

  • La instrucción experta ofrece resultados

  • Realmente divertido y terapéutico 


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Tarjeta de regalo


Válido por 2 meses desde la compra


Tarjeta de regalo


Válido por 2 meses desde la compra


  • How do I make time for class?
    Plan a week in advance! Pack your dance bag and store it in the trunk. Next, schedule your sitter. Finally, reserve your spot soon.
  • What if I can’t dance or I'm not flexible enough?
    No worries! My training programs will help you reach your dance & flexibilty goals. The only way to learn is to be consistent and book in advance.
  • What do I wear for class?
    It’s important to dress how you feel or want to feel. Come relaxed or come to celebrate that body!
  • What’s required for classes?
    Water, sweat towel, socks, knee pads. And most importantly, a positive attitude.
  • What's suggested?
    Heels class : heels of your choice that you are confident in. Pole class: the less fabric the better to achieve certain skills. Heels optional. Please do not apply lotion/oil right before class to avoid slip and fall injuries.
  • How long are classes?
    Minimum 1 hour. The length of time can be requested to be longer for private party or a workshop request.
  • What if I live out of town?
    Schedule a virtual lesson or book me to come to you!
  • When I book for a private lesson or group when do I get a response?
    Within 48hrs after submissions. It's best to book at a minimum 2 weeks in advance for proper preparation tailored for you or your group.
  • Are observers allowed?
    You must be a participant to join the atmosphere . Men aren’t allowed in class but are welcomed to observe their significant other’s 1-on-1 lessons.
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